Iron absorption from reduced iron-fortified corn flakes in humans.Role of vitamins A and C

Ago 22, 2005 | Resúmenes de Artículos

  • Autores: García-Casal, MN, Layrisse M, Pena-Rosas JP, Ramírez J, Leets I, & Matus P.
  • Referencia: Nutrition Research 23: 451-463, 2003.

The objective of this study was to determine relative iron absorption from reduced iron-fortified Corn Flakes and the role of vitamins A and C improving absorption. The protocol included 87 subjects who received 4 meals composed of cereal, milk and sugar. Iron and different concentrations and combinations of vitamins A and C were added. Iron absorption was measured calculating radioactive iron incorporation into the blood of subjects. There was a significant 3.6-times increase in iron absorption when both vitamins were administered together. In vitro solubility tests with ferric chloride, electrolytic and reduced irons showed an important role of vitamins A and C enhancing iron solubility at pH 6 to the values found at pH 2. Addition of vitamins A and C to a ready-to-eat cereal significantly improves iron absorption by a process at least partially due, to the solubilyzing effect of these vitamins on reduced iron. Addition of both vitamins in the same meal produced an increment in absorption corresponding to the additive factor of each vitamin.